Monday, 15 October 2012

RPG Maker


I have downloaded many game creators and by far RPG MAKER is the best of the best, I has been very useful to me I've started working on many projects and it is really helping fulfill my dreams of making a game and their forums has many gifted people like Music Creators, Graphic designer/creators e.t.c 
  I so far my favourite maker is RPG MAKER XP it has great potential, here are some screenshots of what it can do.
  I started using RPG MAKER XP 1 year ago and it's not all about making games it also help in creativity and it helps you relax. It's my main hobby right now. RPG MAKER FORUMS has competitions frequently where you can stand a chance to WIN A PRIZE OR PRODUCT FROM THEIR WEBSITE !!!!!
                 If you want to  
                 MAKE YOUR OWN GAME !!! (LINK)